This is Simba above. He has very blue eyes and he is a sweetheart. He has the funniest personality and we laugh and love him so much.  Theresa Crock.  Lakeland, Florida

We have two from Tamessa Wood Compton. Love them. It’s a good thing you moved out of Florida or I would have been on your doorstep for a third.   Kerry Green...Florida


With his groupies!

I can't tell you enough how much personality he has.  He is so so funny.  He does like to try and play with my chihuahua Stitch and Stitch doesn't trust him.  See my Boston and Simba roughhouse a lot and Simba tries that with Stitch and Stitch isn't having it.  I say, Simba Simba gets in his moodswhere he will jump and fly around the house.  LOL.  HIs is crazy sometimes.  He also loves toys and his cat climber thing and things he can crawl into.

SIMBA chilling on the table

Charlie Marley Lynch - 3 years ago today Charlie became a part of our family. We love him so much! He's truly one of a kind! We love our beautiful Ragdoll, Tamessa!

Hello Tamessa :).  I hope you are doing well.  My Lucy and Pearly girl we love her!  Kelly