Hello and Welcome to my Website.  I am a small hobby breeder of Ragdoll Cats.  My cattery is registered with TICA and I am also a member of TICA.  I love the breed very much.   My cattery is located at my home in northeast Alabama.    All of my kittens come with a 3 year health guarantee against any genetic defects.  Please read contract.  Kittens have had their first vaccinations and are litter trained and are eating kitten food and drinking water before they go to their new homes.  They are all special and treated and cared for with the best of care and are brought up in our home.  In order to minimize the possibility of bringing disease or pests into the cattery we do not allow visitors.   This helps keep the kittens in more sterile surroundings and helps keep the kittens healthy.  The Ragdoll is known for its wonderful disposition, beautiful coat, and stunning blue eyes.  Special note:  All pure bred ragdolls have blue eyes and no other color is accepted.  They are good with other pets as well as children.  They make wonderful companions and pets.  We love our Ragdolls.  They are part of our family. Please read our buyer contract to familiarize yourself with our policies.  We look forward to helping you find the kitten of your dreams.  Please feel free to contact me @ no1bamaldsmom@aol.com., or you may call or text me at 256-691-5232.  Ask for Elayne. I look forward to hearing from you.